A welcome, and a mission statement of sorts


So, while I know this blog is going to be difficult, I wanted to welcome everyone that’s visiting and reading to it. It seems auspicious that we launch it at the end of #Infertilityawareness week.

The first book…

So, there’s a kind of reasoning behind the blog, and a bit of a mission statement. As many people are aware, 1 in 4 people will suffer from miscarriage. 1 in four (or by some estimates, 1 in three) will suffer from or be affected by mental health issues, and current estimates place those of us that will suffer from or have a family member suffer from cancer. And as many people know, this year has seen me be touched by (or continue to be touched by) all three. We lost my adopted sister to cancer in December of last year, less than a year after she was diagnosed, we (my partner and I) live with my mental health issues every day (which are brought into sharp relief by the fact that I can’t leave my house), and we’ve been through multiple miscarriages. So, when I was asked to write ‘There is a Second Season, Sometimes’, I only agreed to do it if I could talk about surviving mental health as a parent to be or parent, and dealing with secondary infertility issues. And we’re only – really – at the start of our journey into that. I know of others who are further in than us, but I’m going to try and be honest about it all – the stress of getting to optimal fitness, the two week wait, the disappointments, the joys, the hope, the despair. And how all of that impacts on mental health.

So, while the goal of the blog is to talk about the book, a bit, we’ll also be talking about all of the stuff that makes this journey for many of us, and hopefully, help a few people along the way.

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