Book update week 1


So, I’ve agreed that as part of this blog, that I’ll talk about the process of writing the book.

Some key things to note

The book has been contracted, though we’re still pinning down the final agreement – as it’s an n/f book, it’s been contracted off an outline, but I’ve agreed that I’ll get a sample set of chapters to them by the end of the summer, and then we’ll announce who has it. So, for now, this isn’t a KushkaPress (my own press) project, and instead, belongs to another press, which means I have to talk about it slightly differently.

Week one update

I’ve managed 2000 hard fought over words, and cried the whole time. And three blog posts, so it’s not all bad. It’s not been easy though.

Infertility Week

I think the hardest thing about it all is worrying about how my family and partner will take to me writing about the stuff we’re dealing with. I’m not an intensely public person, but I do actually keep a lot of stuff to myself too, so it’s difficult to talk about something that we have really only discussed with friends. But I think that’s part of what motivated me to pitch the book in the first place – it’s such a hard topic to talk about, and it is something that we do need to dig in and get support for.

What’s the focus?

I guess the other thing that people have been asking me is ‘what is the focus?’ and so far it’s definitely on caring for your mental health while navigating the waters of (secondary) infertility. So far I’m looking at whether it should be laid out more like a diary (blog style) or more formally, but I’ll see where we get to once there’s more to consider.

And now it’s over to you guys…What do you want to see? What’s the stuff you want to know, that’s hard to find or you’re struggling with in general?

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