How to deal with ‘Royal baby fever’


While I’m sure lots of people are happy about the impending birth of another Royal baby, and I wish the Duke and Duchess of Sussex all the best, it does throw a few feelings that a lot of us can’t help into sharp relief.

Sadness, envy and regret

For those of us trying for a baby, the Royal baby seems to be all over the news right now, but it’s the same feeling as if you’re dealing with a pregnancy in the family, just on every channel that you look at.  For me, it’s been coming up daily on my phone, and all of it is teasing whether he or she has arrived now.  It’s no fun reading the posts about it, especially when half the links that I’ve been researching seem to throw up yet another article about it.

Mostly, I’m feeling a mix of sadness and regret, with a touch of envy.  Sadness and regret because it’s not *me* looking forward to imminently meeting a baby, or enjoyed the pregnancy to now.  And I’ll be honest, yes, I envy it all too.

Surviving through the rollercoaster

I’ve got no pithy tips to survive all the news, but I guess you have to handle it the same way as you handle everything else – be gentle with yourself and if you have to take a break, it’s all right.  Remember that everyone’s journey is different, and that we don’t know what a person has gone through to get to where they have, and maybe they’ve had to deal with challenges too.  The key to getting through anything ‘baby related’ though is to understand it’s ok to feel the way we feel, as long as we don’t take it out on other people, and keep it in perspective.

How do you feel about the royal baby?  How are you coping through it all?

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