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Let’s talk about birth announcements when trying to conceive.  It’s a bit of minefield if you’re trying for a family, but there are a few tried and true tips on how to keep frustration down when passing love and good wishes on to friends and family.

Firstly, huge congratulations to the Royal Family, and the birth of a baby boy to Megan and Harry.
But it does raise the question of how to cope with birth announcements closer to home when you’re trying to conceive?

The short answer is…

The short answer is there’s no easy way to get though the grief, the jealousy and the other maelstrom of emotions that may come when you’ve been trying to conceive and others have managed to extend their family.  But you can prepare for it, so that you’re ready to react in a better way when you have to see your family member or friend.

Social media

The upside to social media, in this case at least, is that even if you’re crying, people may not know, and you can send your love and hugs to the new arrival without letting on how hard it is.  And if you are upset, that’s ok.  As long as it doesn’t consume you, and you’re not bitter over it.  As long as you can keep the end in sight – that your family member or friend has had a healthy baby, and they’re ok, even if it hurts, it’s important to pass on your regards.  It’s often obvious in families where one is struggling to conceive that this is an issue, and while people don’t talk about it as much as they possibly should, often, when I talk to family members who have children while others are trying to conceive, that they know and feel awkward, or sad for them, which often, in turn, makes things awkward.  So, I think it’s important to talk about it, if you can.

And don’t give in…

The final thing that I think is important to remember is not to give in.  Keeping a positive mindset is important to achieving any goals you have for extending your family.  Stress and depression can prevent conception and safe pregnancy, so while it can be hard, it’s important to try and keep your head up.

How are you coping with the news (and the buildup) of the Royal Baby?

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